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About Us

We are a small, in-home dog boarding business located in Austin, Texas. We are open for pick-up & drop-off 7a-10a & 5p-8p, daily.

While you are away from your pup you can feel at ease knowing that they are playing safely and securely with their new dog friends. We have a 13,000 sq. ft. backyard that is fully fenced in with 5-6 ft fencing.


We also have experience with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and personalities, as well as knowledge and experience with administering medications, and monitoring health. 

We are a smaller operation compared to typical boarding businesses, allowing for all dogs to get equal amounts of love, attention, and play time. We want the dogs to think of our home as their vacation home and have their stay be the best it can be.

Since we are based from our home we do ask that our clients respect our rules and open hours and understand that we are only two people wearing the hats of many. Unfortunately we cannot accept requests outside of our open hours

Paradigm Canine owner petting dogs
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