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Dog in grass

Meet the Team



Michael has been working with dogs for over 8 years. After serving in the Army he found solace with working with animals and learned dog training through an apprenticeship in Texas. After working at a number of boarding facilities and dog parks and training dogs in Texas he decided he wasn't happy with how many places treated the dogs and clients, often seeing that only the expensive facilities offered the level of safety and care that he views as adequate, so he decided to start his own dog boarding business. His view is that quality dog care should be offered at an affordable rate.

Position at Paradigm Canine: I am the owner and main operator of Paradigm Canine. Most communication will be mainly with me and I oversee the dogs most of the time while they stay here. I love working with the dogs and making sure that their stay will be like a nonstop vacation of fun for them. 

          First dog? Max, Yellow Lab

          Hobbies? Hockey (New York Rangers), Playing the drums



Office Coordintor

Savannah has been working with animals since 2014 when she first began volunteering at a large capacity animal shelter in Southern California while attending college. Since then she has worked at several boarding facilities and dog parks in California and Texas. She has had a dog all her life and loves to enrich the lives of the animals that she works with by providing unlimited neck scratches and cuddles.

Position at Paradigm Canine: I am the Office Coordinator which means that I am the person behind the scenes at Paradigm Canine. I created and manage the website, manage the social media campaigns and assist with responding to clients as well as assist with managing the dogs while they are staying with us.

          First dog? Bailey, Golden Retriever

          Hobbies? Writing and Makeup Artistry

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