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French Bulldog taking a nap

What to bring when boarding

What to bring for overnight stay:

Must Have:


Dog Food

Food is the only necessary item that you must bring for an overnight stay. We want to keep your dog on the same diet that they eat at home to prevent any issues. Be sure to pack enough food for the entire stay and give feeding instructions.



If your dog receives any medication or supplements we can administer them at no additional charge. Please be sure to give detailed instructions and that there is enough for the entire stay. 



Beds & Blankets

We provide beds and blankets for your dog, but you can always bring your own if you want your dog to have something from home.


Toys & Treats

We do not allow toys out in the public play spaces to ensure no resource guarding aggression, but we do allow for them to be in the dog's private rooms to play with and chew in private, so feel free to pack toys for their stay without worry.

We are also happy to give out any treats and have plenty in-stock, but feel free to pack more for your pup!

Paradigm Canine pack members
Paradigm Canine pack members
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