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Dog by the Beach



Daycare Pricing:

$20 Per Day

  • All Inclusive

  • Full access to 13,000 sq ft fenced-in yard

  • All-day play

  • Private indoor rooms

  • Medication and supplements administered as directed

Daycare Family Discount*:

  • All additional dogs: $10 Per Dog

Daycare Packages:

  • The "CJ" Package: For $60 (paid within the first week of each month) you'll get one, preset day of each week of the month.

    • Example: You decide that every Tuesday ​you'll bring your dog for daycare. On that first Tuesday of the month you'll pay $60 and will be able to bring your dog for daycare every Tuesday of that month. You will be able to cancel a day of daycare but you must reschedule that day within that same week or you forfeit that daycare day. 

  • The "Bruno" Package: For $150 get 10 daycare days, subject to availability. This is great for those with a sporadic schedule. 

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