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Golden Retiever on beach

Overnight Boarding

We understand that leaving your dog, even if it's just for a short time, can be difficult.

Instead of relying on a friend, using an impersonal app, or working with a large scale boarding facility, why not send your dog to their favorite vacation destination?

At Paradigm Canine we pride ourself on knowing all the dogs that board with us, and treat them like they are our own. You can rest easy knowing that they are being taken care of inside an actual home and have all the attention that goes along with that.

During their stay with us, your dog will be romping around in the 13,000 sq ft backyard, hanging out in the living room with a plethora of dog beds and couches, or unwinding in their own private rooms.

Pick-up & Drop-Off

Our open hours are 7-10am & 5-8pm

Dogs may be picked-up or dropped-off during either time frame without any additional charge.

We do ask that you keep us up to date with any change in your plans. We can usually accommodate any adjustments but need to be made aware as to not disrupt another clients stay. 

We do not allow for pick-up's or drop-off's outside of open hours. If you cannot make it within our open hours then your dogs will be held for an additional night and you will be charged accordingly.

All boarding stays include:

  • Private rooms for all family dogs

  • Access to fully fenced-in outside play yard

  • 24 hour access to water and their provided food and treats

  • Administration of any provided medications or supplements as directed

  • Real-time updates: Owners can text or email staff to ask for updates or photo's during their stay

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